Frequently Asked Questions

What are AGDP/DRP sources?

Edible AGDP/DRP are refined and obtained from mass production of enriched fermented peptides using patented hydrolysis technology to yield a high concentration of precise peptide, and then purified via ultrafiltration membrane technology.

Have AGDP/DRP got any side effects?

Peptides in the body within 4-8 hours will be metabolized into amino acids and it does not build up in your organs. Compared with other drugs, peptides are less likely to cause side effects.

What is the role of peptides in dental care therapy?

A peptide is a protein fragment consisting of two or more amino acids. Specific sequence AGDP/DRP can act directly on the affected area and have high efficacy and specificity in the mouth.

What is the role of peptides in the enamel?

DRP can transport and deposit calcium ion into the damaged enamel microstructure to remineralize, fill the slot, reduces bacterial growth and prevents etching.

What is the role of peptides in the gum?

Promoting collagen and extracellular matrix (ECM) synthesis, activating growth factors to accelerate mouth healing such as tongue wounds. Healing, promoting growth of shrinking gums and relieving symptoms of inflammation of the gums.

How long will it be before I see improvement?

Anti-sensitive teeth: 1 week of continued use. Wound healing/anti-inflammation: 6 times of continual use. Growth of shrinking gums: 2 months of continual use.

How to use OralTidePRO™

1ml OralTidePRO™ mixed with 10ml water. Hold in mouth for 5-10 minutes 1-2 times a day.

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